Tissue Shrinkage
Degree of global shrinkage: 

When "T " or "thickness" is estimated:
d(sh)=1- (T after processing /T before processing)3/1
When "A" or "area" is estimated:
d(sh)=1-(A after processing /A before processing)3/2
When "V" or "volume" is estimated:
d(sh)=1-(V after processing/Vbefore processing)3/3
Correction formulas for SHRINKAGE

V=Vv. [1-d(shrunk)]^0/3 .V (unsrunk)

S= Sv. [1-d(shrunk)]^1/3 .V (unsrunk)

L= Lv. [1-d(shrunk)]^2/3 .V (unsrunk)

N= Nv. [1-d(shrunk)]^3/3 .V (unsrunk)

V (unshrunk)= V(shr)/d(sh) 

On IUR sections: 
Volume shrinkage= 1- (area after / area before)1.5
V final = V (immersion). (1- volume Shrinkage)
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