Strategic Plan: 

The aim of Histomorphometry & Stereology Research Center is to improve quantitative microscopic  research (both basic and clinical) and to become a leading center in the field of histomorphometry & stereology in the country and the Middle East. up


Missions of the histomorphometry & stereology are as follows:
* Training of skillful researchers in the field of histomorphometry & stereology.
* Performing basic & clinical studies in the field of histomorphometry & stereology. up


* Improvement in histological research quality 
* International research cooperation 
* Partnerships with other investigators in related clinical and basic fields
* To improve and use the human knowledge in the field of histomorphometry & stereology  
* To direct research projects in clinical science related to histomorphometry & stereology
* Cooperation with other research centers in our university, and the other Iranian or international universities. up

 Histomorphometry & Stereology Research Center
Shiraz University Medical Sciences
Postal code: 71348 - 45794
Tel & Fax: + 98 71 32304372    

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